Unlocking the Keys to Innovation

Part 1: The Keys to the Future

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To create truly robust brands, you need to build them for tomorrow’s market challenges as well as today’s. Imagine surfing the next wave in the ocean – smoothly riding the tide of the moment while already adjusting for the currents and winds about to hit you. With the right methods, it can be done – and “future-proofing” your brands will be essential to their survival.

In the first of a three-part series of on-demand videos, “Unlocking the Keys to Innovation,” GfK’s Rob Hernandez defines some of the key elements of a future-focused innovation strategy – and some hazards you need to avoid along the way. This video will tell you how to:

  • manage today’s accelerated changes in technology, retail, and elsewhere
  • recognize the crucial differences between incrementality and innovation
  • get beyond your “comfort zone” to deliver truly bold innovation
  • leverage the three essential elements that can help companies and brands unlock the future

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About the presenter:

Rob-Hernandez-LP-Headshot.jpgRob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez heads up the Innovation and Qualitative practices at GfK North America, managing a team of highly skilled consultants and practitioners. His client list spans nearly every category and industry, including leading companies in financial services, telecomm, FMCG, technology, retail, and beverages. Over the years, Rob has conducted a wide variety of research projects, including segmentation profiling, brand positioning, concept development work, communications assessment, and Web usability studies.


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