Unlocking the Keys to Innovation

Part 2: The Keys to Deciphering Behavior


Understanding what consumers really want and do takes more than one data perspective. Marketers today have a wealth of data at their disposal; the challenge is combining it wisely to reveal a true picture of their targets’ needs, desires, and behavior.

In part two of our "Keys to Innovation" video series, GfK's Kathleen Tibbetts outlines a proven, three-dimensional approach to transforming consumer data into actionable insight, including effectively interpreting:

  • what a consumer says – their literal account of attitudes, beliefs and actions
  • what a consumer means – potentially hidden behaviors and motivators
  • what a consumer actually does – passively measuring a consumer’s behavior, including digital behavior

View the video to learn how key resources available today can fill in this complex picture – and the role that data integration experts play in driving smarter marketing actions.

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About the presenter:

US_201709_Kathleen-Tibbetts.jpg Kathleen Tibbetts

Kathleen Tibbetts, a Director on our Health team at GfK, focuses on strategic research engagements, both quantitative and qualitative, across the product lifecycle. She has worked in a wide range of therapeutic categories, with different stakeholders, to help clients generate insights to support their business.

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