Discover the Hyperconnected Consumers in India 2017

Complimentary Preview Report


A hyperconnected consumer is defined as someone who owns a smartphone and at least one other connected device, which they use to access the internet daily with, and who spend more than four hours everyday on the smartphone. Insights from the Hyperconnected Consumers in India 2017 study make valuable inputs for brands when rethinking their marketing, targeting and omnichannel strategies across the consumer purchase journey.

Based on the findings of The Hyperconnected Consumer of India study, our preview report holds the answer to questions such as:

  • Who are the hyperconnected consumers in India?
  • How much more connected are they compared to the average consumer?
  • What do they do on their smartphones?
  • What are their media habits?
  • How do they engage with brands online?

With your consumers' needs and desires at the core, our experts will translate findings from the study into relevant actionable insights that will empower you to make smart business decisions.

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About the Hyperconnected Consumer Study
The Hyperconnected Consumer study was conducted in India between June and August 2017 amongst more than 2500 smartphone owners, and a subset sample of 750 was tracked on its Android smartphones for six weeks to generate behavioral insights. The survey covered nine urban cities of India with the objective of gaining a deeper understanding of hyper-connected consumers’ media habits in the digital space.