Discover the Hyperconnected Consumers in India 2017


A hyperconnected consumer is defined as someone who owns a smartphone and at least one other connected device, which they use to access the internet daily with, and who spend more than four hours everyday on the smartphone. A recent GfK study revealed that one in every ten of India’s internet population is a hyperconnected consumer, translating to some 41 million consumers in the country. 

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1. Who is the Hyperconnected Consumer in India
2. A Day in the Life of Hyperconnected Consumers in India
3. It's an Apps World after all
4. Decoding the shopping behavior of the Hyperconnected Consumers in India

About the Hyperconnected Consumer Study
The Hyperconnected Consumer study was conducted in India between June and August 2017 amongst more than 2500 smartphone owners, and a subset sample of 750 was tracked on its Android smartphones for six weeks to generate behavioral insights. The survey covered nine urban cities of India with the objective of gaining a deeper understanding of hyper-connected consumers’ media habits in the digital space.